My response to the essay “My Favorite Place: Alexander McCall”

18 03 2008


The essay “My Favorite Place: Alexander McCall”  is a descriptive writing with vivid expressions on prominent novelist Alexander McCall Smith’s favorite place – Dundas Street of the New Town, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Just like how it has been cited in many of his novels, McCall Smith depicts Dundas Street as a place featuring broad streets and classical architecture. Further, he manifests his fondness towards the hills of Fife, viewed from Dundas Street, where light is shed on and arouses different effects and impressions.


I read the article in a fairly accepting stance as the overall aura throughout the piece is very reminiscent of my recent trip to New Zealand; endless array of green hills and many implosing British-style architectures, still linger on my memory. I think I was more engaged in reading for the reason that I could relate the article to my fresh experiences. Moreover, the writer’s much romanticized style of description of the hills, made it really compelling and appealing for me. For instance, he says at times he feels as though he could reach out and touch those hills, at other times they recede. I found this part really touching and was moved as though I had read an old poem.





One response

16 04 2008

Excellent response Nooree. Your first two paragraphs give a very concise and appropriate summary of Alexander McCall’s description of Edinburgh, while your last paragraph does a great job of relating his favorite place to a place you just visited, New Zealand. Overall, your use of the language helps to create an image in the reader’s mind of how New Zealand is much like Scotland. Also, your vocabulary was very advanced, and you did a good job of not repeating any words, and using interesting and complex words.

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